How it works


1. Fill out staging request and submit


2. A designer will contact you to set up consultation at home.  We will go through home and let you know what items to keep, pack up, or rearrange.


3. Designer will curate items for your selected staging package. No substitutions or changes are allowed to any package.  If you need additional items please select on a la carte menu.  If you don't see something you need, contact and we will get it!  


4. You will select Install date where movers and designer will meet at home to move items in and set up,         typically around 1-2 hours and then you are ready for pictures.


5. Once you know date that items can be removed, please schedule with your designer.  Billing cycle will invoice on the 31st day from Install day.  If items are in home past the 30th day you will be billed for a full month.  Only exceptions would be if approved by designer due to moving logistics.


6. On move out day all items will be removed and assessed for any damages and to ensure it is returning in the same condition received.


7. Movers will return items to our Studio and you will receive your final bill.  The final bill will be reconciled and deposit will be applied.  If items are broken or damaged you are responsible for the fee to replace.


8. All items in the home will be available to purchase.  On the install day a pricing sheet will be provided to display with other paperwork.  If buyer chooses to purchase items please send the contact info and items to your designer and they will take care of the rest. This will be a separate transaction between buyer and company.