No More Soap On Counter!

When in the midst of a kitchen remodel we tend to focus on colors, styles etc. While most of us end up with a gorgeous result, sometimes the little details in the functionality of the kitchen gets missed. So you get to the point of installation day of your countertops...the whole crew is there and ready to install. Sometimes they will ask you where you want the faucet which is an obvious choice...but then they will do the standard on the positioning of your soap dispenser in line with the faucet. STOP THEM BEFORE THEY START! If you haven't realized in the past of this little nuance you will remember now. Trying to get the soap in a pan and it doesn’t fit, or you get half the soap on the counter and then it drips…. POSITION that baby closer to the sink vessel and tada!! You can easily squirt the soap into any pot or pan with no drips. Have the installers make the hole as close to the open sink as they are able to. Visually it will still look perfect and now function so you don’t have to have that second bottle sitting next to it. Oh and did I mention how you can just sit a pot in the sink, fill it with water the same time you push the dispenser to perfectly drop that soap in. Yes…life changer here:)

-Stephanie Brittain

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